FIAF Preschool Staff

Our Team

Our dedicated teachers are all native French speakers with comprehensive experience working with toddlers in multicultural environments.

Soledad Rodas

Educational Director

Soledad is a passionate teacher with over a decade of experience in preschool and elementary education. At FIAF, she has taught children of all ages and launched the youth program at FIAF Montclair. Before coming to FIAF, she taught for more than ten years in France, as well as at the Lycée Français in Barcelona. Her diverse experience has included collaborating with researchers in early childhood education and working as a volunteer educational coordinator in Ecuador. Soledad holds an advanced degree in education from the University of Lyon.

Veronique Buelens


Veronique grew up in Brussels, Belgium and holds a degree in Special Ed and Social Work. She has worked with children of all ages, backgrounds, and those with special needs. She has vast experience with multilingualism both through her work as well as with her own children. Veronique has earned several awards for dictation and grammar by participating in interschool competitions and is passionate about reading and writing. Seven years ago Veronique moved to New York and worked as a teacher at Bonjour NY and la Petite Ecole. Besides her professional experience, Veronique will also bring new ideas, views and approaches on education to FIAF.

Florence Lezec

Assistant Teacher

Bio coming soon

Mireille Waku

Assistant Teacher

Mireille is a dedicated and skilled educator. She has been passionately working with children abroad and in America for over a decade at the Preschool level. Mireille has experience in early Education through her work first in Cairo Egypt at Irish Shamrock preschool, then Stepping Stones American Preschool, and Prince and Queen Preschool. She contributed successfully in launching fun, creative and educational activities and summer camps in French language at the Prince and Queen Preschool. Before joining FIAF, she resided in Atlanta Georgia, where she worked for four years at Tabula Rasa Language Academy. She holds a bachelor degree in French language and literature from Cairo University and an associate degree in Childcare career skills from Ashworth College in Georgia.

Aurélie Delaunay

FIAF Library Children’s Program Coordinator

Aurélie is a passionate librarian convinced that stories are one of the best ways to grow up and learn! At FIAF, she plans story time especially dedicated to kids who are learning French, and she is working on developing a philosophy curriculum for young children. Before joining FIAF in 2014, she was teaching French to kids in Madrid, Spain. Aurélie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Teaching French as a Foreign Language from the University of Poitiers. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language.

Valentine Biollay

Music Instructor

Valentine is a unique performer whose repertoire includes such varied genres as straight-ahead jazz, French cabaret, klezmer, spirituals, and classical music.  Her international career has brought her acclaim in France, Switzerland, Morroco, Canada, and especially in her current city of residence, New York City.

Marianne Verbuyt

Pedagogical Consultant

Marianne has over two decades of experience in French language education. As an expert in cross-cultural curriculum development, she leads teacher training at the FIAF Preschool. Before joining FIAF, Marianne was the curriculum coordinator at the Lycée Français de New York and founded her own tutoring company. Previously, she taught special needs students in Paris and Brussels. Marianne holds advanced degrees in education and psychology from the Université de Toulouse le Mirail and the Centre de Formation Pédagogique Européen.