Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my child need to speak French?

No, your child does not need to speak French to attend the FIAF Preschool, though some prior exposure to French is preferred for the Junior Pre-K/Pre-K class. We recommend our seasonal à petits pas classes for ages 1–4 as preparation for preschool.

Can my child attend the FIAF Preschool if she or he does not speak English?

Yes. We also offer English lessons at an additional cost for French-speaking students and children who speak other languages at home.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Yes, your child must be toilet trained before attending FIAF Preschool.

Can we find out what our child is learning in school?

Yes, we provide a monthly calendar, a Cahier de classe to keep track of progress, and a Cahier de vie rotating between families. We also communicate with parents regularily via the FIAF Preschool App. In addition, we hold a curriculum night as well as two parent-teacher conferences per school year.