The FIAF Preschool combines French and American teaching methods in a multicultural environment. While French education programs are built on learning through structure, the American approach stimulates creativity through positive reinforcement. The mix of these two approaches cultivates curiosity, encourages expression, and allows children to reach their full potential.

Our highly-trained teachers draw from different educational philosophies to address the needs of different types of learners. We strive to conduct engaging activities that contribute to a child’s growth, confidence, and self-awareness.

While the subject areas remain the same at different levels, the activities and projects evolve based on the children’s emotional, cognitive, linguistic, and physical development.

Socialization & Interpersonal Skills

Children learn to be students by working in a group setting and developing social skills.

Language Arts

Children learn to express themselves in groups, verbalize feelings, ask questions, and use progressively more complex sentences. They learn about books and alphabets, build vocabulary, and take their first steps toward writing. Vocabulary is reinforced through weekly story hours and educational games at FIAF's Haskell Library.

Mathematics & Science

Children learn numbers, counting, matching, classification, measurement, and geometry through age-appropriate materials and hands-on activities.

Motor Skills

Children enjoy daily physical activities, including free play and structured exercise such as yoga, dance, or movement, which improve balance and spatial awareness. First steps to handwriting are taught through drawing and painting.

Arts, Music & Cooking

Children draw, paint, and discover the visual arts while studying different artists in class and through museum visits. Artists exhibiting at the FIAF Gallery will occasionally lead special workshops at the Preschool. Children discover new sounds and rhythms in music sessions with a specialized instructor. Cooking activities introduce children to new flavors, table etiquette, and cooking techniques.

Field Trips

Outings are held to Central Park, museums, and local businesses.

See what a typical day looks like at the Preschool.